Willowton Group has been in operation since 1970 and has grown to become one of Africa’s leading edible oil processors, as well as one of the leading agro-processors in the African FMCG market.

The group operates across South Africa with manufacturing facilities in Pietermaritzburg, Johannesburg and Cape Town. Willowton Group has recently completed expanding its manufacturing operations into Zambia and Zimbabwe, with aspirations to further extend its reach to customers throughout Africa.

A wide range of products encompasses edible oils, rice, sugar, margarines and spreads, beauty, toilet and laundry soaps, candles, baking and industrial fats, often distributed through its subsidiary Willowton Logistics. The Group has recently entered the milling industry with the launch of D’lite Super Maize meal within Southern Africa. Well-known brands include, among others, Sunfoil, Sunshine D, D’lite, Daily, Sona, Eve, Crown, WoodenSpoon, and Allsome rice.

By combining flexibility and vision with a sound business approach, the company is set to strengthen its position in the FMCG market even further, now and into the future.  


Al Baraka Bank was established in South Africa in 1989 and is geared to offer communities country-wide a practical and sustainable alternative to conventional banking.

Our Shariah-compliant products and services appeal to both Muslim and non-Muslim clients. Employing a faith-based system of financial management, our guiding principles are drawn from Shariah, upholding the ideal of profit-sharing, while prohibiting the payment or receiving of interest in any transaction.

With its head office in Durban, we enjoy a national business footprint and, as a commercial and fully-fledged Islamic bank, we offer clients a wide range of financial products and services.

Al Baraka Bank’s board of directors comprises international and local business people, all with the requisite business skills, coupled with an exceptional collective knowledge of and expertise and experience in Islamic banking.

Al Baraka Banking Group (ABG), of which Al Baraka Bank in South Africa is a subsidiary, has progressively increased its shareholding in our financial institution, ensuring that the local business unit has grown to become an integral part of the international group. ABG is based in Bahrain and has a presence in 17 countries. In line with this, the bank has developed and honed an enviable standing in South Africa’s financial sector as a financial services provider of high repute; one which demonstrates the professionalism, effectiveness and efficiency necessary to function at the leading-edge of Islamic banking in this country.

About Shariah compliance:

The difference between Shariah compliant and conventional banks is that conventional banks take deposits and advance funds on interest. In contrast, Shariah compliant banks take deposits and advance funds on a profit and loss sharing basis. In addition Shariah banks do not deal with entities engaged in activities that are detrimental to the socio-economic wellbeing of society.


The South African Muslim Charitable Trust (SAMCT) was originally established in 2008 to act as a conduit for the provision of funding assets, services and other resources to approved public benefit organisations. Since its creation, the Trust has made significant donations towards poverty alleviation, empowerment, community upliftment and sustainability programmes.

Funds are distributed to improve the health and development of people, irrespective of race or religion. To achieve the objectives and goals set by the organisation, SAMCT will, on certain projects, partner with reputable organisations to ensure that the funds or aid donated reaches the deserving recipients.

The members of the S.A. Muslim Charitable Trust that are tasked with the noble responsibility of providing aid/ relief to deserving communities, consist of reputable and renowned members of the community, who has vast knowledge and experience to achieve the organisation’s goals.


27four Investment Managers is a leading independent South African-based provider of asset management and customised fiduciary management solutions, catering for the unique and differing investment needs of retirement funds, corporations as well as individuals. Our innovative and modern investment approach makes the best use of financial engineering, ensuring that we can unlock value by implementing new approaches and ideas to fulfil the unique demands of our clients. We build long-standing relationships cemented by trust and outstanding client service. We are responsible corporate citizens and believe in shared value with an uncompromising commitment towards protecting the health of society and the environment through our responsible investment practices and maintaining a high standard of ethical leadership.

To find out more about the 27four Group of companies visit www.27four.com

We are a well established family-run property investment and development company that is an emerging market leader, having invested from the ground up in many segments of the market, offering an impressive and diverse portfolio of premium property comprising; retail, commercial, industrial, residential, offices, holiday letting and student accommodation in certain parts of South Africa. Our properties are managed and operated by our own management company. Our board of directors consists of: Mohammed Yusuf Ibrahim Kamdar, our chairman who started his first business in 1987 – gaining invaluable experience that set the foundation for the group; Tahir Kamdar, our chief executive officer, and Mahomed Tehseen Kamdar, our chief operating officer.